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Eight-ball Combination?

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

Eight-ball Combination?

By Ernie Reynolds

I answer the occasional question at the pool and billiards section, and I had an interesting one today. The question was-

“if you have 2 balls left plus the 8 ball can you use the 8 ball on a combination shot and it be legal?”

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My answer was-

Hi (Questioner)-

The strict answer to your question is “no”. According to the official BCA rule shown below, you cannot use the eight-ball in a combination until you only have one object ball left. That particular rule is one I didn’t know, and it kind of surprises me.

Everywhere I have ever played, the 8-ball was off-limits for use in combinations. The only time you could legally hit the 8-ball was after sinking all your solids or stripes. But I guess whoever made the rules liked that one.


Combination shots are allowed; however, the 8-ball can’t be used as a first ball in the combination unless it is the shooter’s only remaining legal object ball on the table. Otherwise, should such contact occur on the 8-ball, it is a foul.

Good luck,

Ernie Reynolds

When I looked up this rule I was really surprised by it, if I am reading it right. There is some slight confusion in my mind about the wording of the rule.

“…the 8-ball can’t be used as a first ball in the combination unless “it” is the shooter’s only remaining legal object ball”

It sounds like the eight-ball is the last legal ball but I believe they are talking about the last solid or stripe legal ball. It just kind of confuses me as to why the eight-ball would be allowed in combinations at all.

In all of the bars and pool halls I have played in, I never saw anyone make a legal shot using the eight-ball in combination. To even try it would mean, at best, losing your shot. The eight-ball was left alone until the end.

Does anyone out there in pool-land play that way? I’d be interested to hear.

Oh well, that’s progress Sports Fans! As long as all the participants play by the same rules, it’s an even game.

Necessary Pool Room Accessories

Sunday, August 9th, 2009

Necessary Pool Room Accessories

Necessary Pool Room Accessories

By James S Thompson

Having a game room in your own home has become very popular with one of the most sought after items to be found in it being a pool table. Once you have chosen your table there is still a huge range of pool table accessories that can be used to enhance both your room and playing experience. These include lighting, cue holders, seating, drinks tables and custom table felts. Here are descriptions of these items and how to use them to enhance your pool table room.

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Custom pool tables felt – This is the accessory that you would buy as an option when ordering a new table or alternatively use to recover an existing table. What is it that you like football, baseball or even Star Trek you can create the theme of your choice incorporating it into the table and room décor. Many themed cloths are already available on the market today and if your favorite team or star is not already among these then for some more money you can get a custom felt made specifically to your own specifications. The table cloth and walls of your games room are the two most important factors in setting the scene and whether or not your room is pleasing to the eye and better than the neighbors or your friends.

Lighting – There are two factors here the table light and the background lighting which want to complement each other and the room décor. A huge range of table lights are available with many manufacturers offering a large selection of styles. By browsing through there ranges you will surely find what you are looking for. Background lighting can be from ceiling, wall or standing lamps that are operated through a dimmer switch to give your room exactly the atmosphere that you require at any time.

Cue Holders – These can be a very attractive and functional part of your room and can come wall mounted or as a freestanding unit. Many manufacturers offer matching cue holder cabinets as an option when you buy their tables and this is often the best method especially with wood as it’s very difficult to closely match this material. Again there are many styles and options when buying one of these accessories including fully enclosed display cabinets. Other all round types can hold your pool balls and triangle as well as the playing cues.

Tables – Not pool tables but the type that you can leave your drink on in between shots or have your snacks placed onto. These can come in various heights as generally people stay standing up when playing pool and like a table that they can reach without bending over. Most tables are styled on pub type tables as they are definitely the most popular to be found in a games room. Lower tables are found further back from the pool table for people watching or waiting to play.

Seating – Most seating is again styled on pub styles with stools a favorite for the higher tables and matching chairs for lower styled tables. A favorite for table and chair sets in a games room is a games table that can be used for playing cards.

These are all the main components to take into consideration when building a games room to ensure that when it’s completed it will be both eye catching and functional.

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