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Performance Pool – A Great Way To Improve Your Skills

Saturday, December 12th, 2009

Performance Pool – A Great Way To Improve Your Skills

By Ernie Reynolds

We all know that the best way to improve your skills in most sports is to practice – a lot! It’s also fairly common knowledge that if we practice in a scientific and intelligent way we will increase our abilities all that much better and faster.

Tim “The Monk” Miller has come up with a great practice aid that can send your pool-shooting proficiency through the roof. It’s a “card” game called Performance Pool.

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The game consists of 52 cards with different pool shots on them. Each card is assigned a value – 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25 points. Each player gets seven cards.

You setup the shot shown on the card and attempt to make it on the pool table. If you make it you get the allotted number of points. If you miss, you get zero points. Each shot can be attempted twice.

The player with the highest score wins after going through all seven cards. A match can be set up to be the best four out of seven games or something similar.

performance pool

There are some other rules to the game, such as the ability to trade cards with your opponent and such. To see them all, look here. There is a score card available that Tim will send you if you visit the site and send him an email.

It’s pretty obvious that Performance Pool could be a fantastic way of spicing up your practice sessions on the pool table. Besides being a challenging game in itself, this will help you learn some new shots and develop your position playing to a high degree.

Many of the shots involve two object balls, and require you to develop your english and cue ball positioning skills to be the most successful. Other cards help develop your ability to make a safe leave efficiently.

The game is available as a deck of cards with a different shot on each one. If you go to this page, you can see what the cards look like, read a short explanation of how to make the shot, and click a link where you can see a short video of Tim Miller demonstrating the shot. This is a very valuable aid and really makes it clear how to best make the shot on the card.

To get your own deck of Performance Pool playing cards for the special Pool and Pocket Billiards Resource price of $14.95, click here.