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Ernie Reynolds 2 My name is Ernie Reynolds and, as you may have guessed about me, I love to play pool.

I have been playing pool ever since I was able to finagle the quarters to put in the bowling alley pool table when I was a kid.

I’d often watch the older guys play and think about how magical it was to be able to make two round objects move at the precise angles necessary to find the pocket and sink the balls.

It still fascinates and delights me when I make a difficult cut or bank shot.

My favorite game is 8-ball, but I’ll play just about anything. Most of my adult pool-playing has occurred in bars where I’ve met a lot of nice people and had a lot of fun.

I have had occasion to help a few beginners learn the game and I really enjoyed the look on their faces when they start to make some decent shots.  I thought, how can I do some more of that?

Well, since I really enjoy the Internet also, why not make a webpage about helping people get better at pool?  And so Pool and Pocket Billiards Resource was born. It’s been a labor of love.

A while back one of my visitors suggested that my site should cater to the more beginning player such as herself. Pool For Beginners is the result of that request. This site deals with pool and billiards in a little more basic way, so it’s easier for the beginning pool shooter to understand.

The Pool-Is-Cool Blog was created for much the same reasons and for the additional hope that it brings some more traffic to my other sites. From what I read, the search engines really like blogs these days and give them better listings on the search engines. Hopefully that will be the case here.

So, if you have found your way to this site, I hope you enjoy it and learn something along the way. Leave a comment if you’d like as I always appreciate hearing from my visitors.  And, happy pool playing! 


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