Pool Table Accessories

Pool Table Accessories

By Brian Z William

Having great pool table accessories can make a huge difference in the quality of your game, both in how well you play and in how much you like to play. There are lots of accessories that are so necessary it’s hard to call them just accessories, and there are items you can buy that will be a big help but which you can play without if you’d like. Here are some of the more popular and essential pool table accessories that you can work with if you so choose.

The first accessory we’re going to look at is your pool cue, which is hard to label as an accessory because it’s as essential a part of the game as the table and balls. Still they usually don’t come with the table so you’re going to need to buy them on their own which makes them a form of accessory. Making sure you get the correct pool cue that will improve your game exponentially is an important topic we’ve covered in detail elsewhere, but there are only a few major points of quality that you need to evaluate. These are the cue’s tips, how straight they are, how much they weigh and how long they are.

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Pool cues have a couple different parts to them which you can see as separate accessories and the most important of these are the cue tips. More than anything else it’s important you have a good number of replacement pool cue tips in stock at any given moment. These tips are generally pretty durable but you never know when one is going to break and you don’t want to play with tips that have dulled with age either which is inevitable if you play with your cues a lot. Make sure your replacement tips are sitting somewhere convenient to your billiards and pool tables so you don’t need to scrounge for one when the need arises.

Having a pool rack of your own for your billiards and pool tables room is a grey item between being an accessory and being a necessity. You don’t technically need one but there’s no better way to store your pool cues that will make sure they are in good working condition and aren’t going to get damaged or otherwise mistreated. Leaning them against the wall is a bad idea and so is just leaving them out where they can get banged and kicked or dropped. Getting a pool rack is an intelligent move you can make which will make sure your pool cues stay in great condition whenever you’re not using them. Considering the investment of a good pool cue a good pool rack is a wise decision.

One item that is questionable over whether you really need it or not is a cue case. Most people should consider these cases luxuries and not absolute necessities. The fact of the matter is unless you are someone who is traveling all the time and are bringing your pool cue with you wherever you go, such as if you are a professional or very serious pool player, then you probably don’t have much need for a pool cue case. If you have the money and you love to play with your own cue then go for it regardless, but there are more important accessories to purchase first.

There are other items which you might want to buy for your billiards and pool tables that aren’t really necessary either but are worth buying if you like them and have your other accessories in order. For example you can get a few chalk boards and pool lights for your billiards and pool tables room to improve the feel of the space. Chalk boards aren’t necessary but are fun ways to keep track of games and pool lights can really make a room look slicker and cooler. Keep in mind, however, that pool cue chalk is an absolute necessity and needs to be kept in your tables at all times and you should have plenty in reserve so you never run out in the moment.

It doesn’t really take a lot of equipment to play pool. All you really need are cues, balls and a table. But most people don’t want to just play pool. They are playing the game and building pool halls in their home because they want to deeply enjoy their time with the game and because they feel cool having those things in their house. When you keep this point in mind all those extra accessories that make the game more fun and make you feel cooler for owning and using them aren’t so unnecessary or such an indulgence anymore. Feeling good about your game and your set up is as important as anything else when you just play for fun, so get the accessories you need to maximize these qualities.

When it comes down to it pool is a very simple game and you don’t need many items to play it properly or to play it well. At a base level you should make sure you billiards and pool tables and you should make sure you have balls and that you have cues and the ability to chalk them up. Besides those items nothing else is necessary. Most people who play this game only do so for fun and not necessity however, and so there’s nothing wrong with them spending some extra money to get more accessories to make the game as fun as possible. Feeling like a cool person in your billiards and pool tables is fine and there’s nothing wrong with spending extra money on accessories to make that happen. It isn’t a waste of money if it makes you happier.

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